Sagging Gum In The Gums?

Illustration of Sagging Gum In The Gums?
Illustration: Sagging Gum In The Gums?

Friday afternoon yesterday I finished sewing the gum because of the blood that was frozen after the tooth extraction became liquid again, now in my mouth the sewing thread felt, so it was uncomfortable there was a thread hanging, but he said that he had to wait a week to remove the stitches? How do you … Thank you …

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Hello, thanks for the question.

The stitches on the wound are intended to bring the open wound together so that healing can return to normal as before. Suture on the mucosa, such as gums, usually takes about a week before the extraction, but the healing time for these wounds varies depending on the tissue damage, the location of the wound, and one's health status / condition. Sewing thread in the mouth does feel especially annoying when eating. The revocation will only be done if:

Bleeding that occurred has stopped. There are no signs of infection. The gums have started closing. If the stitches are felt loose or re-bleeding, or other complaints arise after the sewing process, you should consult your dentist who took action on you. The doctor will re-evaluate and provide additional treatment if needed. Preferably:

Eat soft food first until the gums are completely healed Avoid chewing on the sides of the gum that are sewn Gargling after eating, but not too hard. Expand the consumption of water Adequate rest Avoid cigarettes and alcoholic beverages Consumption of drugs given by doctors routinely as recommended. Hopefully, this helps.

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