Salty Mouth Accompanied By Small Bumps On The Back Of The Tongue?

Illustration of Salty Mouth Accompanied By Small Bumps On The Back Of The Tongue?
Illustration: Salty Mouth Accompanied By Small Bumps On The Back Of The Tongue?

I want to ask why my mouth feels salty, yeah? And the back of the tongue has a bump “small but does not hurt at all … Thanks

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The tongue is one of the sense of taste / taste that is useful for recognizing the taste of food consumed. The tongue also serves to help digest food when someone consumes food. On the surface of the tongue, there are nerves that can recognize the taste of food, whether sweet, salty, or bitter, so that humans can enjoy delicious food with all its tastes.
Under certain conditions, the function of the tongue may decrease, either by not being able to feel the sensation of the taste of food, tasteless, too salty, too bitter, or the ability of the tongue is not optimal in helping the process of chewing food, causing choking complaints when eating.
Some disorders of tongue function can be caused by several things, such as:
1. thrush
2. strep throat
3. damage to the surface of the tongue due to chemicals, or hot temperatures
4. nervous system disorders
5. stroke
6. infection
7. indigestion
In connection with your question, the presence of salty complaints on your tongue, where the sensation of unbalanced food taste and saltiness is more dominant, may be caused by lack of water consumption, digestive / gastric disturbances or because of frequent exposure to instant foods or foods that contain a lot of MSG. Therefore, evaluate your eating habits and the type of food you consume, so that risk factors that affect the function of the tongue can be avoided.
To help restore the function of the tongue, you should meet your water needs, and avoid instant food, thereby helping to restore the surface function of the tongue as a sense of taste. You can also apply honey regularly on the surface of your tongue.
While spots on the back side of the tongue is a natural thing. This spot is also called circumvallate papillae. So this is normally found on the tongue.
And if the complaint you feel is still disturbing, then you should consult with your dentist and mouth directly for the examination and evaluation of the complaint you feel. The doctor will conduct a direct examination and provide treatment in accordance with the indications.
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