Scabies And Treatment Methods.?

Hello, I’m 19 years old. I experienced scabies 1 month ago and recovered after being treated with scabimed. But on my genitals it still feels itchy. I tried to do it three times in the last 3 weeks with the same medication, but the itching didn’t disappear. But indeed from the beginning itching on my genitals was different from the other parts. The itchy bumps are bigger and blackish red, when accidentally coughing, it is easy to bleed. And on the right side there are abnormal bumps that are bigger than the itchy bumps. Is it still scabies or other disease huh?

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Hello the black, thank you for asking

Scabies or scabies is a skin disease caused by mites or ticks. Sccopie scabiei. The tunnels make a tunnel-like hole in the skin to be used as a nest. These scabies cause itching on the skin and also cause blisters. It will live into parasites on human skin and will die within a few days.

Scabies will show a reddish rash, reddish spots or rashes, spots such as jerry cans, and blisters and scaly skin that appears on the armpits, around the breasts, wrists, between the fingers, waist, around the genitals, buttocks, knees, and soles of the feet.

What needs to be considered in this scabies is how to use the drug. Scabimite contains 5% permethrine which is used to kill mites and cubs. How to use this cream is to use only one time, and not used for repetitive. Here's how to use the drug:

Apply to all parts of the skin affected by scabies, face downwards. Leave the medication on for about 14-14 hours, do not expose or rinse with water. After 8-14 hours, stone wash the skin or take a shower as usual. Do not leave the drug for more than 14 hours. dikulit And also important to know is that symptoms can feel worse at the beginning of treatment. However, these conditions are quite reasonable. These symptoms will decrease after one week of treatment, and recover completely after 4 weeks of treatment.

However, if during that time there is no change at all or even getting worse and you are already using medication properly, you should check and re-check the condition to the doctor. To find out with certainty the condition that you are experiencing, a direct examination of your skin is needed.

In addition to oozing with the drug mites, it is also important to know about how to maintain cleanliness so that the scabies mites or lice oeneyabab also die so that they do not cause problems on the skin again by:

Clean all clothes or personal items such as clothes, towels, sponges, blankets using soap and warm water. Then, dry it in hot air. Wrap it in plastic items that are potentially contaminated with mites, but cannot be washed. Then, place it far from the reach. Mites found in these items will die within a few days. Avoid using the item together with other people. In addition, you can also do simple maintenance at home to reduce the itching caused by scabies, and you should avoid scratching because it will only make the wound worse and be at risk. become an infection. Here are the simple steps you can take:

Soak in cold water, or by pressing with a cold wet towel on the part of the coolies that feels itchy or problematic Using calamine lotion, but the use of this drug should be consulted first with the doctor. A few of our answers, hopefully useful

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