Illustration of SCABIES (SCABIES)?
Illustration: SCABIES (SCABIES)?

Hello, before I checked with a dermatologist and he said I had scabies. I was advised to use scabimite once in 3 days, now what I want to ask if in between 2 days after using scabimite I treat it with 2-4 regular ointment continuously, will it interfere with the effectiveness of the scabimite ointment? And if after using scabimite all over the body, especially the buttocks for 12 hours, the next day there are new bumps in the buttocks but the next day the bumps are like deflating, is this normal? I was not allergic to permethrin before. thank you

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Scabies is a type of skin disease caused by mites / ticks, which are Sarcroptes Scabei. These mites are very small, and are not visible to the naked eye, live and reproduce under the skin tissue. These mites can be seen if the skin scraping tissue sample is observed under a microscope. These mites live in a damp mattress environment. The symptoms that are caused are itching on the skin, especially more prominent complaints of itching at night, and appear to be lumpy on the skin and can become like a scab if you experience scratching, the streak is more frequent in between the skin such as between the fingers, groin, buttocks, genitals and often on the feet or hands. The handling is indeed using a special ointment to kill the mites, namely Scabimite ointment, its use is only once at night after bathing it is applied to all parts of the body, for your case is asked by a dermatologist to use it for 3 days, then usually it will be advised to repeat the use of the ointment. 1 week later. The bumps that appear on the buttocks are mites that migrate or migrate, the next day deflated may have been affected by the use of ointments that kill the mites. Not because of allergies. These mites reproduce and produce eggs under the skin tissue which will also develop into their adult form in approximately 5-7 days, therefore it is sometimes necessary to repeat the use of the ointment 1 week later to eradicate the eggs that develop into adults, you should re-control them to a dermatologist within a week of treatment. For the use of ointments 2-4, the ingredients themselves are salicylic acid and sulfur which function as keratolytics or to exfoliate the skin. Its use does not interfere with the treatment of scabimite, as long as it is not used in conjunction with or in overlap with when using the Scabimite ointment.

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