Scaling When The Gums Are Swollen Is It Possible?

Illustration of Scaling When The Gums Are Swollen Is It Possible?
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Swollen, painful gums resembling canker sores may indicate inflammation, also known as gingivitis. If this complaint appears accompanied by sores resembling canker sores, then the trigger for the inflammation is an infection in the oral cavity, it can be due to fungi, viruses, or bacteria.

It could also be, swollen gums due to other factors, for example:

Caries (cavities)
Hormonal changes, in women, for example during pregnancy
Scurvy (vitamin C deficiency)
Side effects of installing dentures, using certain toothpaste or mouthwash
Drug side effects
Smoking or chewing tobacco
Immunity disorders, for example due to HIV, diabetes, and so on

There are no absolute contraindications for people with gingivitis to do scaling. If the cause of your gingivitis is the buildup of tartar, then scaling is highly recommended. However, if an infection is suspected that worsens your condition, your doctor may treat the infection first before scaling. This is so that the infection does not spread.

However, to be sure, you should consult directly with your dentist, yes.. The doctor who examines directly certainly understands which action needs to be prioritized based on your condition.

In the meantime, you should be more diligent in brushing your teeth and gargling with antiseptic mouthwash to avoid thickening of the tartar on your teeth. At least, brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste every 3 times a day, ie in the morning, afternoon, and at night before going to bed. Make sure you eat healthy and nutritious food and drink enough. You can take paracetamol first to relieve pain in your gums. Avoid risky sex (including oral sex with people whose sexual history is unknown). Lastly, stay away from cigarettes and illegal drugs.

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