Scalp Feels Sore And Sore After Bleaching?

Illustration of Scalp Feels Sore And Sore After Bleaching?
Illustration: Scalp Feels Sore And Sore After Bleaching? Bing

I finished bleaching at a salon near my house, they said the bleaching had a nimble, stinging effect then on my hands there were indeed some bumps/mosquito bites/scratches, so after bleaching I didn’t feel sore but 3-4 black spots appeared on the hand my leftrnThen now there is an effect like a wound on my leg and right, what medicine should I buy? Thank you

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Bleaching should be careful in those who have sensitive skin. When you choose to do a bleaching treatment, you should also identify the product and brand used on you so that you can find out whether it contains harmful substances such as mercury or hydroquinone.

It's a good idea to do a skin test beforehand to see if it's going to cause an allergic reaction afterward. Doing bleaching should not be too frequent which is recommended 1-2 times a month because of the chemical content in it which can irritate.

What you are experiencing may be due to irritation of the ingredients in the bleaching cream, or an allergic reaction, or because of insect or mite bites.

It's better to know for sure abnormalities in your skin, you should consult a dermatologist directly so you can see the abnormalities on your skin directly, because many skin disorders have a similar shape, so to confirm the diagnosis, direct examination is needed.

For initial treatment:

taking allergy medicine such as ctm
use aloe vera cream to relieve symptoms of discomfort on the injured skin
don't scratch it
For other drugs, it is necessary to check first whether there has been an infectious process that requires inflammatory drugs or antibiotics, or whether special creams are needed
keep skin clean
read about contact dermatitis

hope it's useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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