Scalp Problems?

Illustration of Scalp Problems?
Illustration: Scalp Problems?

Hello, I would like to ask about my scalp problem. Since college my scalp has a little problem, that is, I often have spots like dandruff but I don’t think it’s dandruff, because the peeling of the skin is bigger than dandruff and when I take the white spots on my head I bleed. I have gone to a skin clinic that specializes in skin but for now nothing has changed. Will these symptoms cause serious problems? is this a symptom of psoriasis? and my body temperature has also felt changes since college, first at night half of my body was hot and cold, and my nails had changes with the symptoms that my nails were a bit wavy or the surface of the nails was uneven but for nail color there was no problem. Is any of the symptoms of my body normal or is it a serious problem?

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White scalp flakes are dandruff. Under normal conditions, dead cells in the body (including the scalp) will shed off over time. In some conditions, these skin cells shed more quickly, causing dandruff to appear. Conditions that can cause dandruff are:

dry skin seborrheic dermatitis eczema psoriasis sensitive to ingredients in hair care products fungal infections high stress levels lack of zinc and B vitamins consumption of oily scalp Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition that occurs for years that causes the skin to become thickened, dry, reddened, scaly, flaky and may be accompanied by itching or burning. Exfoliated skin can also bleed. In addition to symptoms on the skin, sufferers also experience symptoms of thick and uneven nails and swollen and stiff joints.

To ascertain the cause of your complaint, please consult a dermatologist. Your doctor needs to ask more about your complaint and examine you. The doctor may do an examination of the scalp scrapings to be examined in the laboratory; This examination can also diagnose psoriasis. After determining the cause, the doctor will determine the next treatment. The treatment given will also be adjusted to the severity of your condition.

In the meantime, avoid tearing the peeling skin and avoid exposure to chemicals on the scalp (eg hair dye).

Hope this information is helpful.

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