Scaly Skin, Feels Stiff, Circular In Shape?

Hello. R nDo you know, I am Adin and I want to ask about the pain I suffered. . r nThe wound was a perfect circle on the chest and shoulders of my neck. r nI’ve checked the word of the doctor who examined me if I mistakenly called “dermatitis “? r nThe wound “was mentioned there were some that but there are some that form small bumps on the wound and are very itchy. r nThen now there are creases on my elbows, my skin is stiff and scaly, and also in the chest and back .. r nI was able to read it on, and I was thinking whether this really scaly and stiff skin is “contact dermatitis “? r nFor the treatment of circle wounds, I still have ointment from the doctor who examined me. my scaly skin uses liquid caladine nnya. r nThank you.

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Wa alaikumsalam Adin, thank you for asking at Skin complaints that you experience can occur due to various causes, such as fungal skin infections, mite infections, psoriasis conditions and dermatitis. However, dermatitis itself is of many kinds. There are nummularis dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and so on. The symptoms are more or less similar, namely the appearance of round areas that are very itchy, especially in the fold area and the appearance of scaly skin.

So what we want to say is that you should consult a dermatologist to get a direct examination by an expert, especially if you have previously only been treated by a general practitioner. This is important especially in complaints of skin disorders because the appearance of skin disorders that at a glance can give a different clinical meaning when seen by a dermatologist. That way, your doctor can provide a more appropriate treatment for you. Even if you've been treated by a dermatologist all this time, come back for control and evaluation. The medicine that you will receive later is usually a combination of topical and oral medicine.

Meanwhile, do not scratch the itchy area because scratching can cause sores that lead to infection. If it feels itchy, you can reduce it by cold compressing the itchy part. The treatment you have received so far can still be continued. Keep your body clean and the environment, and use soap for babies. So, hopefully answering your question.

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