Scarlet Eyes And Red Eyes Every Time You Look At Your Cellphone Screen?

Illustration of Scarlet Eyes And Red Eyes Every Time You Look At Your Cellphone Screen?
Illustration: Scarlet Eyes And Red Eyes Every Time You Look At Your Cellphone Screen?

In my afternoon of 19th I have a problem with my eyes, if I over-play my cellphone my eyes are red and come out uncomfortable and only lately My eyes appear like a small pus just at the edge of my eye and just recently I over-played my cellphone and eyes red tastes bad r nSy surprised why the little bump isn’t gone: ( r nDo the doctor have a drug solution? Usually I compress cold water but I will try using insto.

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Hello, Ming II, thank you for asking

Lumps on the eyelid can be caused by several possibilities:

1. Bintitan / hordeolum

2. Kalazion

3. Milia:

4. Xanthelasma

Redness of the eyes can be caused by

1. the friction of the lump on the lid

2. dry eye (dry eye syndrome) which is often caused due to reduced tear production, tears quickly evaporate (often due to the weather, rarely blink for example because it is too long in front of the screen, etc.), or the composition of the maa tears is not balanced

3. conjunctivitis (inflammation of the lining of the eye lining), can be due to allergies, infections, irritation

4. keratitis (inflammation of the cornea)

5. etc.

To determine the cause, it is better to do a direct examination by a doctor or ophthalmologist. The doctor will see the disturbances that occur, examine the sharp eyesight, and see the overall eye condition. Treatment depends on the cause.

What you can do to relieve symptoms is:

1. Compress the eyelid lumps with a clean warm towel approximately 5-10 minutes 2-3x / day

2. Keep your eye clean by not touching / rubbing your eyes, clean your makeup before going to bed, diligently wash your face

3. Keep eyes from dust or smoke (for example by using protective glasses)

4. It is better to avoid using contact lenses before recovering

5. Artificial tears can be used to relieve eye discomfort

6. Rest your eyes each time must be in front of the screen for a long time. At least every 20 minutes, rest your eyes for 20 seconds.

If by the ways above the symptoms do not improve, accompanied by a sharp decrease in vision, blurred eyes, pain, larger lumps, reddish and watery eyes, you should not delay to see a doctor.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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