Scars From Mosquito Bites Are Difficult To Disappear?

Hello, I have problems with the skin of my hands and feet. I have often been bitten by mosquitoes since I was a child. All mosquito bite marks have become sores and there have been many, especially in the legs. Some disappear in a period of several months, but some have gone missing for years. Though already self-care. Use some skincare, natural ingredients, continue to reduce eating foods that make allergies. How can the scar disappear? The problem is that there are also scars that haven’t been lost since elementary school. Please help, thanks.

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Black post-injury or other inflammation that occurs on the skin is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Loss of color or not black, long or no loss, depending on the depth of inflammation that occurs. The deeper, the longer the former blackness disappears, it can even be unable to disappear completely.

Aside from scars or inflammation, the blackish color on the skin can also be caused by other things such as moles, black spots caused by sunburn, or skin malignancy.

Actually, if indeed it is a mosquito bite, then it is not dangerous. If you feel disturbed and want to get rid of scars immediately, you can check with a dermatologist so that you can consider giving therapy to fade black marks. Check with your doctor also to make sure your black spots are caused by mosquito bites, or for other reasons.

As much as possible avoid any action to remove these scars without consulting first with a doctor.

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps and useful :)

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