Schedule Of Immunization In Infants?

Illustration of Schedule Of Immunization In Infants?
Illustration: Schedule Of Immunization In Infants?

want to ask. My baby is 12 months. R nShe needs: r n1. DPT-HiB-Polio booster, r n2. flu vaccine, and r n3. Booster MMR u0026amp; HepA. R n r nWell, at 18 months, he already had a schedule for the MMR booster injection u0026amp; Hep A. r n r nCan you take the DPT-HiB-polio booster at 19 months? R nIf so, can you take it together with the flu vaccine? (Given the MMR vaccine and flu vaccine it’s a live vaccine) r nTrims

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Hello Mrs. Christe.

Thank you for the question.

Vaccines are substances that contain weakened bacteria, viruses, or a combination of the two. Vaccines are given to someone who is healthy and is expected to generate immunity to prevent infection with certain diseases. Infection with this disease can often cause death.

Vaccinations for vaccines containing live bacteria should not be given in conditions where the child is in a state of low immunity, such as:

premature baby
currently undergoing chemotherapy
is undergoing treatment with high doses of corticosteroids
infants with HIV with very low levels of immunity

The schedule for giving immunizations to children according to the recommendations of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) in 2017 is as follows:

0 months: hepatitis B, oral polio, BCG
2 months: hepatitis B, oral polio, DPT, Hib, PCV, Rotavirus
3 months: hepatitis B, oral polio, DPT, Hib
4 months: hepatitis B, oral polio, DPT, Hib, PCV, Rotavirus
6 months: PCV, Rotavirus
9 months: Measles
12 months: PCV booster, Japanese encephalitis in endemic areas
15 months: Hib, MMR
18 months: Polio injection, DPT bosster, Hib booster, Measles booster

Of course, the immunization policies for each country are different, in Indonesia, giving Hepatitis A vaccination is not recommended, but in other countries it is advisable for the public to get Hepatitis A immunization. or most deaths in children in the country. For example in Indonesia, in August, a National Immunization Week for Diphtheria in Java and Eastern Indonesia was held to receive Measles Rubella immunization. The National Immunization Week should be attended by all people by bringing their children to health services and getting vaccinations.

Several types of vaccines can be given at the same time, such as pentabio. Pentabio is a combination of several types of vaccines given at the same time. However, several types of vaccines are again given at separate times. This time apart is at least 4 weeks apart. For this, I recommend that you consult a Pediatrician. Of course you have to convey your concerns to the doctor.

The advice I can give:

immunizations of children must be recorded properly
in the event of a post-immunization event such as seizures, severe allergic reactions must be reported to the health worker to be recorded and reported
if the child has a fever after receiving immunization, the mother may give paracetamol according to the recommended dose

That is what I can explain, hopefully it can answer your question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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