School Of Medicine At Private Universities?

good night, I want to ask that medical school at the private university is difficult or not able to work at the hospital?

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Medical school is basically the same as other fields of education, and medical school deals with interests and talents.
Before starting choosing a medical faculty, prospective students can determine their interests from the beginning, and set goals for choosing a medical field or choosing a medical school, thus, from the beginning your steps and efforts in studying can go well with positive enthusiasm and enthusiasm.
While relating to your question, the medical school at a public university or at a private university is generally the same, because each university has a predetermined national curriculum, it depends on each University developing it in accordance with the character of the University concerned.
Thus, as with other fields of education, as long as you study well and seek knowledge in earnest and respect the teacher and patient as your teacher as well, it is expected that the knowledge you gain from both public and private universities will have the same benefits, which is beneficial to society.
So if you have graduated later, your doctor's degree is your identity to help the community around you. Thus, if you get knowledge that benefits and through all the graduation criteria, after graduating the possibility to get a job will not be difficult, because you have better quality than others. In addition, the scope of medical services is not only in hospitals, however, doctors can also work in companies as corporate doctors, work in airports as airport service doctors, work in government structures, the House of Representatives as national health policy bearers, or work online such as at to help netters who have health problems.
And from the very beginning of school, you should also consider your interest in embracing a higher level of education, namely the specialist level, so that your role is more tangible in helping the community around you.
For more information, you can do counseling with your teacher or counselor teacher. So you get a broader picture of medical education at both public and private universities.
Thus the info we can convey.

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