Sciatica Around Postoperative Fracture Scars?

Illustration of Sciatica Around Postoperative Fracture Scars?
Illustration: Sciatica Around Postoperative Fracture Scars?

Good night doctor, r nSo the story was yesterday that I had an accident and broke the ring toe of my right foot and had to be operated on. Last night I had surgery and the doctor allowed me to go home. Because I couldn’t walk normally, I made a jump using my left leg (crank). Suddenly I felt a pain in my leg that had been operated on. Please, it was pain after surgery did the pen slide or fall off like that? R n r nThank you.

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Hi Saras,

Thank you for asking

Post fracture and pen insertion surgery, pain around the surgery scar is generally not a dangerous condition. This pain can arise as part of inflammation (inflammation) in the bone fracture and surgery.

You need to be aware of serious conditions if:

The pain that appears is very intense and unbearable Pain is accompanied by swelling, impaired sensation (numbness), impaired perfusion (the skin feels cold), movement disorders (cannot move the area of ​​the finger that was used for compression at all), or even external bleeding.The pain does not improve with common pain relievers If any of the danger signs listed above are what you are experiencing, then there is a possibility that your former operation was injured, including those that resulted in surgery or the pen shift. Therefore, you should check your complaint again with the orthopedic surgeon who operated on you before. That way, evaluation can be done, including through physical and radiological examinations (eg x-rays) to determine the best treatment.

In the meantime, you can first soothe the pain that arises by taking paracetamol medication and compressing an ice cube in the area that feels painful. First, limit excessive movement on the side of the leg that hurts so that the pain does not get worse.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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