Sebum Flakes Are Like Sand On The Scalp?

Illustration of Sebum Flakes Are Like Sand On The Scalp?
Illustration: Sebum Flakes Are Like Sand On The Scalp?

Good evening, doctor, I want to tell you about the condition of my scalp. Since these few months every time I scratch my scalp, there are always soft white flakes or small lumps like sebum that are hard as sand. Even after shampooing even when hair is wet there is a layer of white powder when scratched. There were a few bumps like zits but it was gone, it’s just that the scalp is dry but not too itchy. There are no flaky scales that fall out like dandruff and no peeling skin on the head. I wash my hair every day and use various anti-dandruff shampoos, but there is no effect. Before this incident on my scalp I had experienced something similar but on my back, and the problem on my back had disappeared. What do you think this is? Can it be a serious problem? thanks.

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Hello satya,

Thank you for asking

The appearance of small flakes or small lumps of vaginal discharge such as sand appearing on your head, and also appearing in the back area, may indicate some of the following conditions:

Seborrheic dermatitis (chronic skin inflammation that causes scaly and flaking skin like dandruff)

Psoriasis (chronic inflammation of the skin that makes the skin regenerate very quickly and uncontrollably, so that the skin is thickened, scaly, peeling, and easily injured)

Contact dermatitis (local skin inflammation due to contact with substances that are irritative, or allergic to substances that come in contact with skin)

Fungal infections, for example cutaneous candidiasis, tinea versicolor, tinea capitis
Others, for example lichen planus, xerosis, bacterial infections or other microorganisms, and so on

Your complaint does not always refer to a serious illness. But clearly, a definitive diagnosis of your complaint cannot be made without a direct examination. Therefore, we urge you to check yourself immediately to a doctor or dermatologist so that you can be examined more deeply through physical examination, skin biopsy, allergy testing, laboratory, and so on. In this way, the right diagnosis can be made, and the best treatment can be given.

There are no specific steps you need to take at this time. However, the following steps can help prevent your complaint from getting worse:

Take care of personal hygiene, including regularly bathing 2 times a day using mild soap and suitable for your skin type, shampooing with anti-dandruff shampoo once every 1-2 days then rinse thoroughly with water, diligently washing hands and feet with antiseptic soap, shorten nails periodically
Do not hold the scalp with dirty hands
Do not exchange headgear with others
No excessive activity directly in the hot sun
Reduce consumption of oily foods, drink plenty of water, eat vegetables and fruit
Do not carelessly drink or apply drugs on the scalp without doctor's advice

Hope this helps ...

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