Secrete Seminal Fluid While Holding Back Urination?

Illustration of Secrete Seminal Fluid While Holding Back Urination?
Illustration: Secrete Seminal Fluid While Holding Back Urination?

Morning, I want to ask whether or not ejaculation sometimes if you hold a pee it sometimes exits spermicidal fluid. How do you cure it? Thank you

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Hello Agus,

Thank you for asking

Many men think semen will only come out during ejaculation during intercourse or masturbation. When in fact it is not. Seminal fluid can also come out even if you are not having sex or masturbating. This condition usually occurs when you get sexual stimulation, either through visual media, auditory, tactile, and so on. Often, these stimuli you receive unnoticed, causing you to be amazed why your seminal fluid comes out suddenly.

Your condition that secretes seminal fluid while you are urinating may be a natural result of sexual arousal as mentioned above. But it could also, your condition occurs due to other causes, such as pelvic muscle weakness, urinary tract infections, prostate enlargement, prostatitis, deep psychological pressure, fatigue, nerve disorders around the pelvis and genitals (for example due to injury, stroke, or diabetes), and so on .

Complaints that you experience are not always dangerous. However, if it appears repeatedly, you should remain vigilant and have it checked directly to a doctor or a specialist in urology surgery. It is feared, your condition arises due to an illness that needs to be treated further by a doctor so as not to lead to dangerous complications. To help you avoid recurring similar complaints, we recommend that you:

Not getting used to hold urination Routinely doing Kegel exercises Regular exercise every day Avoid drugs, cigarettes, and also alcohol Do not over-masturbate, if necessary, avoid at all Do not have free sex Relax your mind, stay away from stress Hope it helps yes ..

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