Security Shook Hands During The Corona Pandemic

Illustration of Security Shook Hands During The Corona Pandemic
Illustration: Security Shook Hands During The Corona Pandemic

Daytime dock, I want to ask, at night I could shake hands with my old friend twice, but after that I immediately washed my hands with soap, what I do safe doc? Or we absolutely can not shake hands during a pandemic like this ? Thanks doctor

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Hello Yuandana,

Thank you for the question.

Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), the cause of COVID-19, which is currently a pandemic, can be transmitted through droplets (splashes of airway mucus, ie snot, phlegm, or saliva) that are inhaled or ingested into the respiratory tract.

Not only directly, this droplet can also be transmitted indirectly, one of which is by shaking hands with droplet contaminated hands. Therefore, you are advised not to shake hands to avoid the risk of this transmission. This applies to anyone, even people who don't have any symptoms. Because, not infrequently COVID-19 does not cause any clinical symptoms.

However, if you are forced to shake hands, as long as you wash your hands immediately using soap and running water in the right way (at least 20 minutes), it seems that your risk of contracting the disease can be minimized. However, this risk can not be eliminated just like that, for example if you continue to hold your nose or mouth before you can wash your hands. You are also at risk of contracting the virus if when shaking hands, your position and your opponent's handshake are less than 1.8 meters.

Therefore, it is far better to not only avoid a handshake, but also make sure you keep your distance from people around you to avoid transmission of this virus.

Hope this helps ...

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