Seeds In The Ear?

Illustration of Seeds In The Ear?
Illustration: Seeds In The Ear?

Why are my ears so sticky seeds in the ear lobe. When I hold him it hurts

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Hi Rosmazatul,

Thank you for asking

Are you referring to a painful, seed-sized lump in the ear?

Sorry, the majority of doctors who are members of the website are Indonesian citizens. For this reason, in order to avoid misunderstanding, ideally you should use standard Indonesian when making questions. If it is difficult, it will be better if you use English to make it easier to understand.

A pea-sized lump that feels painful in the ear can result from the following reasons:

Ear skin infections, for example due to: Folliculitis (hair root infection) Acne vulgaris (acne) Herpes zoster (shingles, reactivation of Varicella zoster) Lymphadenitis (inflammation of the lymph nodes), for example due to: Tuberculosis Infection of cat scratch marks HIV / AIDS Cytomegalovirus Infection of ear or other area around it Tumor (benign or malignant), for example: Dermoid cyst Sebaceous cyst Lipoma Sarcoma Contact dermatitis (skin inflammation due to allergies to a substance in contact with the skin or due to contact with an irritating substance), etc. It is necessary to clarify what the color looks like of the lump you mean? Does it contain fluid or pus in it? How long has it been in appearance? Is it getting bigger? So, are there any other complaints that you feel, for example fever, itching, and so on?

Given the minimal information you have provided, we urge you to have your condition checked directly to the nearest doctor. Usually, it is enough from a doctor's physical observation to be able to distinguish which conditions are dangerous and which are not. If necessary, a biopsy will be performed to determine the type of cells that make up the lump. Treatment may later be done by administering drugs (usually in the form of ointments), surgery, or other therapeutic modalities.

In the meantime, avoid manipulating the bumps using your hands or any other questionable clean objects. Always keep your body clean, especially the area around your ears. Also avoid giving careless treatment without direct advice from a doctor.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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