Seeds Stuck In The Throat

Illustration of Seeds Stuck In The Throat
Illustration: Seeds Stuck In The Throat

Bismillah Hello doc, how do I get out the banana seeds stuck in my throat?

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Basically, banana seeds are very small (even large banana seeds are still small) and will not get in your throat when you eat them. If after you eat a banana you feel something is stuck in your throat, chances are it is caused by something else (not the banana seeds that are stuck). The following are some of the possible causes of globus (the sensation of objects stuck in the throat):

infection and inflammation of the airways, such as tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, post nasal drip (usually from sinusitis)
GERD or stomach acid disease
the presence of food or foreign objects that are large size that block in the throat before
injury to the esophagus (for example due to swallowing sharp food or swallowing certain foods / chemicals that cause gastrointestinal irritation)
impaired function of the upper esophageal sphincter
tumor in the throat
enlargement of the thyroid gland

In general, this globus sensation will disappear by itself without the need for any therapy. But you can try to drink more fluids (you can try to drink liquids that are cold in temperature), you should avoid consuming foods that can irritate the digestive tract such as spicy and acidic food for a while, or drink things like alcohol, coffee, or soda . If indeed this sensation makes you feel very uncomfortable and does not disappear too after a few days, you can do a doctor's examination for further evaluation.

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