Seeing Spots / Spots That Block Vision?

Illustration of Seeing Spots / Spots That Block Vision?
Illustration: Seeing Spots / Spots That Block Vision?

Since Sunday two weeks ago, my left eye couldn’t see clearly because I saw a halo in the middle of my eye. It feels like I’m seeing a photo that is being censored. When I close and when I open my eyes, the halo is still in the middle. Sometimes the color is gray, sometimes green, sometimes gray in the middle and has a green outline. I feel that my vision is problematic after seeing the reflection of light on the asphalt of the road while driving on a hot afternoon without a helmet. What is the possible diagnosis for this condition, huh? Thank you.

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Hello Valentin,

When we look at the bright light directly (for example lights) afterwards we can look like a circle of green / gray / purple in the middle of the vision. However this will disappear slowly after the retina of the eye adapts and only appears after seeing bright rays. This is normal and can be experienced by anyone.

Complaints of seeing spots / spots that are blocking the vision that persist or get bigger / more can be caused due to the following abnormalities:

Vitreous hemorrhage: bleeding on the back of the eyeball to the jelly-like part (vitreous) that fills the eye socket
Posterior vitreous detachment: removal of the vitreous part from the retina (light-sensitive layer containing nerves)
Retinal detachment
Macular Disorders

Eye diseases that cause complaints about the appearance of something that covers vision need to be watched as a disease that threatens the function of vision and can cause blindness. It is best to check directly with an ophthalmologist if your symptoms persist. Doctors need to ask questions about your complaints such as how long you feel the complaint, whether the spots you see are getting bigger / more, complaints eye pain, there are medications that are consumed routinely, a history of eye diseases and eye surgery ever done. Doctors also need to do an examination in eyes with special examination lights starting from the front of the eye to the back of the eyeball. Some investigations are also needed to detect abnormalities in the back of the eyeball.

When you get the right diagnosis, the doctor will determine the appropriate treatment. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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