Seizures Until Fainting After Anger?

Illustration of Seizures Until Fainting After Anger?
Illustration: Seizures Until Fainting After Anger?

My brother was angry while crying then he was convulsing and passed out, is that dangerous? What are the causes and long-term effects? R nPlease answer, thanks

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Hello Ita.

Thank you for the question.

In order to move, the muscles send electrical signals through the nerves to the muscles. In general, seizures can be divided into 2, epileptic seizures and non-epileptic seizures. Epileptic seizures are uncontrolled body movements and behavior changes due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Non-epileptic seizures caused by other than epilepsy. Seizures and epilepsy are different things. Not all seizures are caused by epilepsy.

Each person experiences different seizure symptoms:

jerky movements of the arms and legs
passed out
fall down
biting the tongue
wet the bed
changes in eye movement

In non-epileptic seizures the cause is due to changes in brain function and structure and due to psychogenic conditions. The causes include:

psychic stress
post traumatic condition
head injury
side effects of certain drugs
drinking alcoholic beverages
lack of oxygen to the brain
blood electrolyte disorders

As for suggestions that can be done when sufferers have seizures:

lay the sufferer
keep the sufferer away from dangerous goods
loosen the patient's clothes
do not put anything in or give the sufferer anything to drink during the seizure
tilt the patient's head, so that if vomiting occurs, the vomit does not make him choke

Seizure sufferers should immediately be taken to a neurologist to be examined and to know the exact cause. The most important treatment for patients with seizures is to stop the seizures.

When a seizure occurs, oxygen supply to the brain is stopped, the effect depends on how long the sufferer has had seizures and how many times he has had seizures. So it is necessary to carry out further examinations for this in the form of electroencephalogram, CT-scan, MRI.

Hopefully my explanation can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawai Wahyu Setiono

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