Selection Of A Good Cream For Babies With Eczema?

Illustration of Selection Of A Good Cream For Babies With Eczema?
Illustration: Selection Of A Good Cream For Babies With Eczema?

Hello, my 4 month old child from 2 months old has started to show signs of allergies such as red rashes and red spots when I eat certain foods because my child is exclusively breastfed, over time my child’s skin becomes dry, red, and scaly and thick like symptoms eczema. What brand of Cream / lotion is safe for eczema babies besides ointments because the ointment as far as I know contains steroids that are not good if used long term. Thanks.

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a chronic chronic skin inflammation that is characterized by itching with a picture of skin rash that can vary. Atopic dermatitis is a disease that is based on allergic conditions, and can be found since infants and children.

The most common location in adults is behind the knees, folding the elbows in front, neck, chest, and hands, while in infants in the face area. Picture of skin disorders can be reddish nodules, slightly wet, there is thickening of the skin and a little scaly, and exfoliation of the skin.

This condition is also often triggered by several allergen ingredients, for example:
- weather
- food
- animal fur
- Material of clothing used

If it is really caused by atopic dermatitis after a direct examination by the doctor, the doctor will provide topical treatment to treat inflammation of the skin and treat complaints of itching, and moisturizers to treat dry skin.

In acute conditions, steroid creams will generally be given to relieve inflammatory reactions. Steroid creams if used appropriately and within a set duration will be very helpful in overcoming complaints and improving healing in atopic dermatitis. Furthermore, as maintenance therapy and to prevent the recurrence of symptoms, it is important to avoid triggers and use a skin moisturizing cream that works to improve the skin barrier of atopic sufferers.

It is also recommended to use hypoallergenic skin care products and minimal fragrance. On this occasion we are not authorized to suggest a particular brand. We still recommend that you do a direct examination first with your doctor to ascertain the suspicion of the current diagnosis and to get treatment in accordance with the patient's current condition.

That's all, hope you can help.

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