Selection Of Antibiotics To Treat Typhus?

Illustration of Selection Of Antibiotics To Treat Typhus?
Illustration: Selection Of Antibiotics To Treat Typhus?

My mother has done a blood check with Typhili H 1/160 results and paratyphili BO 1/320 … The clinic doctor said there was typhus … and had been given medication (with cefadroxil monohydrate antibiotics) but it had not been used up but the medicine consumed did not give any effect. then my mother went for treatment again (with the antibiotic Dionicol Thiamphenicol) … which one is better to use? Because several times the medication has been treated a lot … I am confused which one I want to use … hit or overwritten by a heavy object … then pain throughout the body … is that normal?

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Hello Brasitaff,

Typhus is a bacterial infection of the digestive tract that can cause several symptoms such as fever for more than 7 days, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, headache, weakness, muscle aches, decreased appetite, rashes, and dazed.

Examination to confirm typhus is by the TUBEX and widal test. Typhus treatment is with antibiotics and supporting drugs to reduce symptoms if necessary, for example by reducing fever. There are several types of antibiotics that can be used to treat typhus, the choice of antibiotic types will be given by doctors according to the patient's condition, history of allergies, and antibiotic sensitivity to typhus bacteria.

Did your mother say that you were given medicine before? When checking with a different doctor, it is better if the patient tells the doctor what medications have been taken so that the doctor can consider giving further medication. Because there are 2 different antibiotics, you should ask your mother directly to the doctor who treated her (can be asked back to the last doctor) what medicines need to be taken because the treating doctor who better understands your mother's condition.

Did your mother get any other medication besides antibiotics? Complaints of headaches and body aches can include typhus symptoms, but can also be affected by other conditions such as tension headaches, cluster headaches, migraines. Headaches and muscle aches or aches throughout the body will improve with typhus healing. Other symptoms will also subside after getting proper treatment.

If the complaint does not improve after 3 days of drug consumption, or the complaint is burdensome, you should control your mother's doctor so that you can evaluate the results of treatment and your mother can be given further treatment.

To help the typhus healing process, your mother can do the following tips:

Get enough rest
Consumption of healthy and nutritious foods that are easily digested, can consume foods with a softer texture first and improved texture according to the mother's condition
Drink a lot of water
Wash hands before and after eating and before and after urinating
Avoid strenuous activities for a while

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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