Selection Of Asthma Treatment For The Elderly?

Illustration of Selection Of Asthma Treatment For The Elderly?
Illustration: Selection Of Asthma Treatment For The Elderly?

Good evening, I have a question about asthma. My parent has asthma, he is over 50 years old, so he has frequent relapses. Asthma is caused by too much mucus produced so that it becomes short of breath, according to the doctor what medicine is right for dealing with this excess mucus production, huh? Because already taking ambroxol does not work. Can it be with herbal remedies like ginger? Then when an attack, where is it better to take the drug salbutamol with nebules? Thank you..

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Hi Rizkika,

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Asthma (asthma bronchiale) occurs when the lower airways become inflamed, then narrows in diameter and produces excess mucus. This condition can cause the sufferer to experience shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing. It's still unclear exactly what causes asthma. However, heredity (genetic) is strongly suspected to influence it.

Asthma is a disease that is recurrent in nature. The recurrence can be triggered by many reasons, including exposure to cold temperatures or other airborne substances (e.g. pollen, dust mites, animal hair, smoke), drastic emotional changes (e.g., anger, anxiety, panic, stress), physical stress (e.g. after exercising or strenuous activity), experiencing respiratory infections, experiencing reflux of stomach acid, or also taking certain medications (for example, heart disease drugs, ibuprofen). It's not the production of mucus that builds up in the throat that triggers asthma, but it can be a symptom of asthma.

Overcoming asthma can be done in various ways. Among the various methods, the main one is prevention. Asthma sufferers usually already know, what often triggers asthma attacks. If this has been identified, then try as much as possible to avoid these asthma triggers. You can clean the house right where your parents live to avoid dust mites, pollen, smoke, or other airborne particles. Always change the curtains, curtains, and clean furniture at home regularly. Do not forget, also improve air circulation and lighting in the house. Also encourage your parents to get plenty of exercise, manage stress well, and also get enough rest. However, if an asthma attack has already appeared, then your parents should do the following:

Move to a comfortable place
Breathe well
Don't worry, panic, let alone be afraid to overdo it
Sit upright, leaning back on a comfortable base
If there is an asthma attack suppressant given by a doctor, use the drug as recommended by the doctor

In addition to prevention and treatment when asthma recurs, doctors will generally provide your parents with several types of drugs, whose function is to control so that asthma attacks do not occur again, and some also function to relieve complaints when an attack occurs. The choice of this type of drug, whether it needs to be given in the form of oral drugs, sprays, or vapors should be discussed directly with the examining doctor or internist. To get a faster effect when an attack occurs, usually a spray drug will be recommended for use independently. Steam therapy (nebulization) should be done under the direct supervision of a doctor.

Consumption of ginger can help relieve symptoms of inflammation, including inflammation in the respiratory tract, which can trigger asthma attacks. However, the extent to which this is effective in relieving asthma attacks has not been further proven through adequate research. Therefore, we are not authorized to recommend it. You should discuss this directly with the doctor who treats your parents.

I hope this helps.

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