Selection Of Complementary Foods For Formula-fed Babies?

Illustration of Selection Of Complementary Foods For Formula-fed Babies?
Illustration: Selection Of Complementary Foods For Formula-fed Babies? Bing

Good night! My baby is 5 months 18 days old, for 38 days of his life he is exclusively breastfed. However, due to certain medical conditions, doctors recommend giving breast milk and formula. However, there were several obstacles until finally, since the last 2 weeks, my baby only received nutrition from the formula without the slightest breast milk. The midwife suggested to immediately introduce MPASI because he said the exclusive breastfeeding program for 6 months was only for babies who were only given breast milk without formula. What I want to ask is is it true that my baby can be given complementary foods before he reaches 6 months of age?

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Hi rafa,

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It should be clarified beforehand, what medical conditions prevent you from breastfeeding your baby exclusively with breast milk? How about your baby's growth and development at this time? Does it match the age criteria?

At the age of 0 to 6 months, babies should ONLY get exclusively breast milk without any additional food or drink. Sometimes there are obstacles in breastfeeding, for example due to inadequate attachment of the baby, the production of breast milk is still low, the mother is still recovering after giving birth, and so on. This condition should not be directly addressed by the addition of formula milk. Giving formula milk, especially if it's done with the wrong medium (such as a pacifier) ​​can actually make the baby experience nipple confusion so that he will increasingly refuse to breastfeed directly from the breast.

The addition of formula milk to infants aged less than 6 months should be done if the reason is very urgent, for example because the mother has died or has an illness that prevents her from breastfeeding, while a suitable breast milk donor has not been found.

According to WHO, the provision of complementary foods (MPASI) should be done after the baby is even 6 months old. At this age, it is hoped that the baby's digestive system is strong enough so that there is a lower risk of experiencing digestive disorders, such as nausea, vomiting, colic, diarrhea, or even constipation.

For several reasons, complementary feeding may be promoted, as long as the baby is over 4 months old. The reasons for this include when the baby's weight is below the age standard, and breastfeeding is no longer sufficient. Early complementary feeding is considered to be better when compared to formula milk. However, this certainly cannot be generalized to all children. Therefore, it is necessary to first check how your child's condition is with a pediatrician. That way, the doctor will assess whether your child is ready and needs to receive early complementary foods, or not. If it is necessary and ready, the doctor will also teach you to give complementary foods that are suitable for babies of your child's age.

In addition, if there are no obstacles that prevent you from breastfeeding your baby, the doctor can also teach you to do relactation. Here are some efforts that can be done:

Feed your baby directly from the breast as often as possible. Stop using a pacifier to give formula, replace it with a spoon or a supfeeder. Increase your breast milk, in addition to breastfeeding diligently, also regularly express it, eat healthy and nutritious food, drink a lot, and avoid stress Ask for support from husband and relatives around you to help you in doing relactation Hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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