Selection Of Eyeglass Lenses For Nearsightedness?

Illustration of Selection Of Eyeglass Lenses For Nearsightedness?
Illustration: Selection Of Eyeglass Lenses For Nearsightedness?

Good evening. R n r nI am a high school student. I have checked my minus eye, in one of the optics. Previously I had worn minus 3 glasses with cylinders. Then today when I checked my eyes, when I used minus 3 glasses I looked at them one by one. R n r nBut when I was put on minus 4 glasses I got dizzy. r n r nThen they pair minus 3.5 with cylinder 0.75 right and left 0.5. r n r n 4. r n r nBut when the lens has been made and applied to the glasses. And when I wear it it makes me a little surprised because the environment looks very convex and too clear. R n r nIs it okay to wear those glasses? Because the optics say it’s okay, and just use new glasses instead of old glasses. To adjust. But I feel a little uncomfortable with my eyesight. R n r nDoes it have an effect and make my eyes add to the minus? Because it looks too obvious

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Myopia or farsightedness is a condition in which a person's eye has a certain distance limit in seeing distant objects clearly, but there is no problem in seeing objects that are close. This is due to the shadow of an object that falls in front of the retina of the eye, or more clearly, as in the image below.

The more the image of the object represented by the letter "X" away from the visual nerve or to the left, the more severe the nearsightedness of a person, or the easier the minus. This can be due to an elongated eyeball or the inability of the eye to maintain focus through a movement called "accommodation force".

Apart from myopia itself, there is a condition called astigmatism, or the condition of the eye surface that is uneven, or there is a wave. Since the eyeball is more or less a circle, when there is an uneven surface, there are areas of the eye that don't focus as well as other areas. The shadow falls or the focus of the image becomes non-uniform. People with this disorder will not feel comfortable seeing even though the minus is increased continuously because they need cylinder glasses. The cause of this condition is still unknown until now but is closely related to genetics, heredity, a history of eye surgery, or high nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Coming back to your question, because eye checks are not always 100% correct, in the end what determines what minus you need is your comfort in wearing glasses. And in the case of minus, it is better if the minus is lower than the examination than it is higher. When you feel too bright or too clear to wear glasses, that's a sign that you should use a lower minus.

Regarding your condition, there are actually several possibilities, including a minus that is too high, the degree of the cylindrical lens is not right, the frame is too tight, the position of the glasses itself, and the adaptation process. Simply put, if after a few hours to a few days you wear these glasses it feels better, then it could be just an adaptation. But if it doesn't get better, or if you wear glasses for a while, you feel dizzy and your head is throbbing, then there is a big chance that the settings are wrong and you have to replace your lenses to prevent further eye damage. If you are in doubt, you should check with an ophthalmologist to get a more definite result.

So, hopefully it answers your question.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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