Selection Of Facial Soap Suitable For Men With Combination Skin?

Illustration of Selection Of Facial Soap Suitable For Men With Combination Skin?
Illustration: Selection Of Facial Soap Suitable For Men With Combination Skin?

I don’t understand my facial skin. So like this, if I don’t like using foamcleanser, just normal skin isn’t oily, it’s not dry, but my skin feels really dirty if I don’t use foamcleanser, where there are lots of blackheads and then the face doesn’t feel smooth like blackheads on the nose spread to the cheeks, for example using foamcleanser for oily skin, my facial skin feels really attractive sometimes it feels like tingling sensation and then when it’s finished my skin is immediately saggy u0026amp; dry it doesn’t taste good then it is spotty right away. But if I use foamcleanser for dry skin 2 days using the skin instead turns into a dull combination of pores on the gedee on the front cheek near the floor, then when it stops, there is something that clogs the pores everywhere. So what should I do?

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Each person has different skin types, some are normal, dry, oily, normal tend to be dry or normal tend to be oily, and some have sensitive skin. It is best if everyone recognizes their respective skin types with regard to skin care and beauty products that will be used should be in accordance with the type of skin and facial conditions. Maybe you have a normal type of facial skin, not dry or not oily, so you should also use the appropriate product, if you use a product for oily skin, of course it will make your skin type drier, and if you use a product for dry skin it is possible You become greasy and prone to more pimples. So you should use products that are suitable for your skin type. Or the conditions that you are experiencing right now might not be suitable for the facial foam you are using. To ensure the condition of your face more definitely you should check directly to a dermatologist so that you can do a direct examination of your skin type and your face condition so that you can use the right product and the appropriate treatment for your face condition.

For blackheads themselves there are several types of blackheads there are blackheads and blackheads. Blackheads themselves are formed due to a buildup of dead skin cells and oil and dust or dirt that accumulates around the skin follicles and clogs. For that you also need to pay attention to treatments to clean your face regularly, you should:

routinely clean your face 2x a day, especially before going to bed do not forget to clean your face of the remnants of make up consult your skin type further to find out suitable products avoid squeezing blackheads or pimples following articles that you can read blackheads may be useful, thank you

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