Selection Of Fish Food For Babies Aged 7 Months?

Good afternoon, I want to ask if the baby is 7 months old, what kind of fish can you use (what fish can be used for bubur k)? If you are 7 months old baby, you can use tofu, touge vegetables, tempeh?

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We really understand your curiosity in preparing food that is suitable for your baby who is at the age of 7 months, we will try to provide the information you need.

7 month old baby food can be given in solid form and can be given up to three times a day. And can be added by giving as much as 700-950ml of breast milk per day. Formula milk can also be introduced to infants who are 7 months old, considering the large intake needs because it is in its golden growth period.

At the age of 7 months the baby has significant curiosity and development and the role of the parents themselves in this case is to ensure that all actions of the baby do not endanger his own safety. In addition, babies aged 7 months usually will begin teething first. Food that is eaten by adults can be given to babies 7 months, of course the consistency needs to be softened and changed into porridge that is easily chewed and swallowed by the baby. You can give some examples of foods that you ask into your baby's diet, but make sure that your baby can consume them safely, so you need to make these ingredients into a baby porridge team.

For carbohydrates can be obtained from all kinds that are usually eaten by adults, or can be with other options such as sweet potatoes, wheat, and corn crushed first. Sources of protein can be obtained from chicken, red meat / beef, to fish. So you don't need to worry if you want to provide fish in your baby's diet.

Fish is one of the foods that are highly recommended for babies, but of course you need to choose fish that do not have a lot of thorns so that it does not harm the baby in eating his food. Fish that are safe and good for babies include salmon, tuna, snapper, carp and bloating. The omega 3 content in these fish has been studied and found to be very high, so it is very good for the growth and development of the baby's brain.

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