Selection Of Healthy Foods For Diets?

Very early in the morning, I used to eat instant noodles very often and I was really big with 63 lb. 146 tall, already several times instant noodles made me sick because of eating uncontrolled noodles, even though only 3 times a week at most. well after I give up, do not want to get sick anymore because I am a student so far from my parents, if the pain will make trouble everywhere, I decided to go on a diet.

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To maintain overall health, there are several aspects that need attention, including physical / biological health, mental / psychological health, and social conditions that affect your condition. Physical health can be maintained by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating patterns, and healthy activities that are routinely carried out. Specifically, maintaining a body weight within the normal range can help a person maintain health. The parameter used in normal weight measurements is the Body Mass Index which is calculated by dividing body weight in kilograms by height in meters squared (kg / m2).

Body Mass Index can help us determine whether your weight condition is appropriate, overweight, or underweight. It is necessary to avoid weight condition until obesity because it can be a risk factor for various other diseases such as hypertension or diabetes. To maintain a normal weight, there are several ways to regulate your diet and activities, including knowing your daily calorie needs, and arranged in a balanced way with the carbohydrate, fat, protein content you need. In addition, the choice of food also affects, avoid instant foods, high in sugar and fat.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, one can pay attention to the following things, including:

Identify your diet and current health conditions.
Evaluate the physical activity that you have done.
Keep a record of the food you consume.
Monitor your social relationships with family, friends and other relatives.
Eliminate bad habits such as smoking, consuming drinks or fast food, and other bad habits.
Make a selection of consumption of healthy foods and meet fluid needs.
Making sure you don't continue to be under stress.
Make sure you get enough rest.

The swollen gum condition needs to be examined further, it can also be caused by infection in the gum area due to trauma, feces collection or food debris. It is advisable to consult with a dentist regarding further examination and management of your condition.

Keep in mind that in eating patterns and healthy lifestyles, plan eating patterns that you can maintain in the long run, so that it becomes a habit that is done everyday and do not maintain a strict diet to lose weight quickly, especially if dietary regulation causes disturbance in daily activities.

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