Selection Of Milk To Overcome Low Infant Weight?

Illustration of Selection Of Milk To Overcome Low Infant Weight?
Illustration: Selection Of Milk To Overcome Low Infant Weight?

Good evening, I want to ask my baby about 5 months with a body weight of 5.4 kg. What kind of formula milk is good for raising weight so fast or not? I already know how you can’t get it.

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First of all, you should first explain a few things:

Is your child born prematurely or born with a low birth weight?
What is your child's body length now?
Did your child get formula milk from the start or was it given breast milk?
How does your child's weight gain each month?
How is your child's development in general, is it appropriate for his age?

Basically, a child's growth cannot be seen from just one point of time. Growth must be seen as a whole from the time the baby is born, a month old, two months, three months, and so on, and must also be seen other indicators of growth of children, including increasing body length and head circumference. Your child's weight is below the average for 5 months (especially if your child is a boy). There are many possibilities that can cause this condition, including:

children born prematurely or children who are born with low birth weight
administration of inadequate drinking (breast milk or formula milk, if given formula milk, it may be that the quantities of formula milk and water may also be unbalanced)
presence of certain diseases in infants that interfere with growth (eg recurrent infections, tuberculosis infections, diarrhea, congenital disorders or birth defects, etc.)

If indeed your child's weight gain is not good every month, you should immediately take your child to the pediatrician for further evaluation. You can look at the growth curve on your child's healthy card (KMS). At the bottom of the curve there is a KBM (minimum weight gain) that your child must achieve every month. If the child's weight gain does not reach this KBM 2 months in a row, you must immediately take the child to the pediatrician so that no further growth disorders occur. Examination should be done immediately and you do not procrastinate because of impaired weight gain that occurs continuously can interfere with growth in height as well (the child becomes stunting) and can interfere with the child's brain development as well.

Formula milk like SGM Gain 74 or other brands of milk formula (similar) for children with special needs (underweight or premature babies) should only be given based on instructions from a pediatrician. Therefore you must take your child to the pediatrician first before giving this type of formula milk.

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