Selection Of Serum For 19 Years Of Age?

Illustration of Selection Of Serum For 19 Years Of Age?
Illustration: Selection Of Serum For 19 Years Of Age?

I want to ask, what serum is suitable for 19 year olds? Because my skin is oily. Thank you in advance 🙂

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Hello Farzana. Thank you for asking

Everyone, especially women, desires to have healthy, smooth, tight and clean skin from blemishes and acne. However, if your facial skin continues to look shiny and sticky, chances are you have an oily skin type. Sebum (oil) has a role to maintain skin moisture, so it is not easy to develop wrinkles. In addition, oil (sebum) also functions to remove dead skin cells in the outermost layer of skin (corneum), this can keep the skin looking dull. However, excessive sebum production will clog pores and cause large pores and will lead to blackheads and pimples.

There are several known types of human skin, including:

Normal skin: usually has characteristics such as skin that looks soft and moist, smooth, radiant, elastic, acne-free and normal oil production Oily skin: appears excessive oil (sebum) in certain areas, especially the T area (forehead, nose and chin), so that the face looks shiny, the skin is thickly textured and the pores tend to get bigger. Oily skin types tend to break out easily. Dry skin: looks dry, dull and rough due to reduced secretion of sweat and oil glands (sebaceous). In addition, dry skin tends to trigger wrinkles due to decreased skin elasticity. Sensitive skin: the skin looks thinner than other skin types and is very sensitive to allergens. Sensitive skin types often experience irritation, itching or a reddish rash on the skin. Combination skin: the skin looks oily on the T area, while other parts appear normal or dry. Several factors can cause oily skin including:

Genetic factors Hormonal changes, especially androgen hormones with peak production at puberty. Diet / lifestyle. Oral contraceptives Stress Temperature that is too humid Maintaining skin to stay healthy with balanced sebum production is not easy, but it is not impossible to do. Oily skin can be relieved by making a few changes to the mistakes in normal skin care. The key lies in how to care for and choose the right care products.

Some tips that can be done to control excess oil are as follows:

Do not clean the skin (face) too often, not more than twice a day Use non-comedogenic and oil free moisturizing products Use a gentle and gentle facial cleanser, as much as possible from natural ingredients and a toner (astringent) to remove excess oil. articles: Solutions to treat and treat oily skin Hope this information can help. Best regards, Dr. Shirly

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