Selection Of Soap For Dry Facial Skin?

Illustration of Selection Of Soap For Dry Facial Skin?
Illustration: Selection Of Soap For Dry Facial Skin?

Hello, I want to ask you. Previously I was advised to use telephone soap to clean facial skin, but my face looks dry and not moist, the solution is wrong. Is it wrong if you replace it with Arabic soap?

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Hello Gilang, thank you for asking to

Introduce me Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

In choosing facial soap, it should not be arbitrary, you must understand your face type. Here are some tips for choosing soap for the face.

Senitive skin is skin that is easily irritated with certain substances. Irritated skin is usually red, dry, and can even peel. Tips for choosing soap for sensitive skin types are as follows:

 Soap or detergent free facial cleanser because they both cause irritation. Search Products labeled hypoallergenic, this product does not contain substances that easily create allergies. Avoid products with fragrance, because additional fragrances can cause allergies. Avoid products that are made from irritants, such as sulfates and alcohol. Oily skin can be seen from excessive oil production on the face. This happens because the oil glands (sebaceous) are too active so that it produces excess oil on the face. Here are some tips on choosing a cleanser for oily skin types, look for cleansers with ingredients:

  Hyaluronicacid - Serves to moisturize the skin, without making the skin dry. Niacinamide - This content can absorb excess oil, and can also stimulate natural collagen production and disguise large pores. Retinol - A substance that can control oil production, tighten pores, produce collagen. Salicylic acid - Absorbs oil in pores. The result is smaller pores and oil free. Glycolic acid - Reduces oil production, and prevents clogged pores. Dry skin occurs when there is a lack of moisturizing cells in the skin. So that the skin is less flexible, cracked, dry, scaly. Dry skin can occur because of the characteristics of a person's skin, or is obtained because of an error in the selection of facial soap / facial cleanser. Tips for choosing a cleanser for dry skin types are:

  Glycerin - Increase skin moisture. Vitamin E and jojoba oil
   Urea - helps deal with the condition of dry skin. Responding to complaints that you say it seems you are wrong in choosing a facial cleanser. In the dry face condition avoid soap / cleansers that contain the following substances:

 Detergent / SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) Salicylic acid and glycolic acid Alcohols, additional fragrances, and bacterial ingredients. You can read your soap / facial cleanser content on the packaging listed. Right now what you can do is:

 More carefully in the selection of facial soap. Stop using soap / facial cleanser if something unexpected happens such as allergies, dry skin, swelling, etc. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Get enough rest for your skin health. Consult yourself to a dermatologist if complaints get worse. So my answers hopefully help :)

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