Selection Of Supplements At 8 Months Of Pregnancy?

Illustration of Selection Of Supplements At 8 Months Of Pregnancy?
Illustration: Selection Of Supplements At 8 Months Of Pregnancy? Bing

Good morning doctorrnrnI want to ask, I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and at 5 weeks my obstetrician gave me vit. Folamil Genio brand I have been taking for 1 month and it turns out that I have moved to another city and before I moved, my obstetrician gave me Folamil Genio to take for the next 1 month.rnrnWhen I checked into different obstetrician in town and the doctor gave me vit. Folic acid under the brand Folda. I asked the obstetrician if there was a difference in the vit that the doctor gave to my obstetrician before? The doctor said “Yes” because the Vitamin Folda contains good levels of DHA for the formation of the brain of my fetus because during the ultrasound my fetus has formed the head and body. Then I told the doctor that Folamil Genio also contains lots of vitamins and folic acid. But the doctor still advised me to take the Folda vitamin he gave me.rnrnI want to ask, according to the doctor which is the best between Folamil Genio and Folda?rnrnBecause the two vitamins are still intact And I haven’t consumed it because I’m afraid to take it at the same time. And can I take the two vitamins alternately in a week?rnrnPlease answer doctor.rnThank you

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Hello Leneisha

Although the need for vitamins, minerals and DHA (which is an unsaturated fatty acid) in pregnant women increases compared to non-pregnant women, these needs can be met by consuming a balanced nutritious diet every day. For this reason, it cannot be concluded that the supplementation with the most content and the largest dose is the best. Because the intake of vitamins, minerals, and DHA in excessive doses will not necessarily make the body and pregnancy much healthier

However, the consideration of giving supplements depends on the health and body condition of the person, what substances should be given additional supplements. The doctor who examined you must have carried out a medical evaluation of you, and from the results of the evaluation, he finally suggested taking the supplement and it was not without basis but based on the information he got when conducting an examination of yourself.

You don't need to take 2 types of supplements alternately, but just take the medicine recommended by a doctor who has done a medical evaluation of your pregnancy, but if Leneisha is still in doubt, there's no harm in seeking a second opinion by checking with her doctor. other obstetricians. The second opinion of course must be based on a series of examinations first because your condition may have changed when re-examined by the doctor, so it is possible that the need for supplement intake may change again. That is why pregnant women are advised to have regular check-ups on a regular basis so that they can monitor the health of the fetus and also provide appropriate treatment according to their current situation.

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Hope it is useful

dr. Arnold

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