Selection Of The Method Of Circumcision For Adults?

Illustration of Selection Of The Method Of Circumcision For Adults?
Illustration: Selection Of The Method Of Circumcision For Adults?

I am a grown man who is now 39 years old and my penis has not been circumcised. I have plans to be circumcised. What method of circumcision is suitable for me who will be circumcised when I am 39 years old? In the circumcision process, should you use a conventional method or use a laser? If my penis is circumcised using conventional methods, how many minutes will the circumcision process take and the circumcision wound will heal in how many days? Can I wear my office uniform pants again in how many days after circumcision? Is it permissible that after circumcision, I immediately wear black trousers that are a bit tight? Because I work as an employee in a company that wears a white long-sleeved white shirt, long-sleeved black tie and black trousers, which are the rules of my company every Monday-Friday. Please answer

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Hello Mr. Andi! Thank you for asking at

It is very good if you want to be circumcised because there is a higher risk of disease if the penis is not circumcised. Circumcision or circumcision is the cutting of the skin covering the head of the penis. In the conventional method, the skin is cut using scissors, then the skin is sutured together to stop the bleeding.

Actually, the principles of laser and conventional circumcision are not that different. In the laser method, the tool used is a cauter or an electric device to generate heat that can cut and stop bleeding. In this method, the skin can be non-sutured or requires only a few stitches. However, it should be noted where you do this laser circumcision. The cauter tool is very often used by surgeons in the operation process, but the cauter is used to produce a controlled temperature, so the risk of burns occurs is very small. If the caution used for circumcision is not a good caution, burns can occur to the penis, either during or after the circumcision process.

In adults, the risk of bleeding is higher than in children because the blood flow to the adult penis is more. Therefore, adult circumcision should be performed by a professional, such as an experienced general practitioner or a urologist. When visiting the doctor, usually the patient will be examined first before finally doing the circumcision process. For the selection of the method of circumcision and anesthesia, the doctor will discuss with you the first time you arrive after the examination. Usually, the method of choice for adults is the conventional method under local anesthesia (the patient is conscious during the procedure). Before the procedure, tell your doctor if you have any body implants or major surgical procedures you have had. Also inform about routine drug use, history of severe infections, or history of other diseases.

The healing process after circumcision can vary from patient to patient. The process for complete healing usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. However, after about 3-7 days, usually the pain and swelling have subsided. The head of your penis will become more sensitive for up to 2 weeks, so it's best not to wear pants that are too tight during this time. Usually, the doctor will ask the patient to take a break from work for 1 week. The length of time this rest will take may also vary, discuss it with your doctor after the procedure. Because, you may be able to work faster according to the doctor's assessment or need longer rest periods if there are complications during the procedure. It's best to start work when you feel comfortable, given that you work in pants that are a little tighter.

Treatments that need to be done at home after circumcision include:

Use the ointment / cream that the doctor has given to the penis and cover it with dry, clean gauze. Take paracetamol or painkillers according to your doctor's instructions if your penis is sore. Take antibiotics if given by the doctor until they run out (according to the doctor's time) Make sure the penis area is always dry and clean. If the wrap looks wet or dirty, replace it with a new one immediately. Don't swim for 1 or 2 weeks. Wear loose clothing, especially in the first 2-3 days. You can get an erection normally after the procedure, but avoid having sex within 4 weeks. The pain or tingling sensation in the wound area is normal when you have an erection and should go away after about a month. After circumcision, see your doctor or emergency room immediately if there is fever, bleeding that is difficult to stop, purulent or smelly discharge from the tip of the penis, difficulty urinating after 12 hours, painful urination after a few days, or the penis is still swollen after 2 weeks.

That is the explanation from me. Hope this helps.


dr. Selvi

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