Self-injuring Habits?

Illustration of Self-injuring Habits?
Illustration: Self-injuring Habits?

So I am now 15 years old and I started to like hurting myself from grade 4 to elementary school because I felt relieved because of it, I also like to vomit when I feel depressed and sometimes like to worry if there are yells or other triggers that are not clear from certain people. I also don’t like opening myself up to other people but I look friendly to other people. What is this signal? How come I’m confused. Please help

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Hello Drd03, thanks for the question.

Self-harm is a condition where someone intentionally causes injury and damage to oneself. Various types of activities can be done by people with the aim of hurting themselves. A person does self harm often with the aim of punishing himself for guilt or feeling of being useless, or to overcome excessive emotional burdens. Self harm is considered as a way of venting because a person cannot openly explain his emotional state. Often, self harm is also intended as an implied request for help to those around him.

The cause is not always clear, but it may be related to past trauma (for example physical or sexual trauma), disruption in social relations (such as abuse), or it can also occur in people who do have a basis for mental disorders. Self harm can be related to depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety disorder.

You can begin to tell slowly about your condition, with your trusted person. The person can be a family, friends, or even a teacher. Tell it in stages, you don't need to tell it all at once. Show your desire to improve and ask for help and support. Focus yourself on positive people. Do positive activities. You can also try various methods of relaxation or meditation. Keep yourself away from alcohol and drugs.

You can also try psychologist or psychiatric counseling services. They will do a series of counseling to understand your problem and help you overcome it. You can try online counseling services that are free of charge, as a first step. They will help you to find the right help.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully you can immediately find the most appropriate solution. Regards.

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