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Illustration of Self-service For Serumen Prop
Illustration: Self-service For Serumen Prop

Hello,. A few months ago, I was diagnosed if I had a severe ear infection (until it was swollen, bleeding, and festering). Since then, every month I experience serumen prop and dirt dry (crunching) in the ear so that hearing is closed-closed depending on body position. It’s been a week I experienced the same symptoms, and could not see a doctor because it was not an emergency. Yesterday we had a chat with one of the doctors, it was recommended to use otopain but the liquid medicine could not get out of the ear for several hours and the hearing actually became completely closed. Is there any independent handling I can do? Thanks.

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Hello Shafira,

Thank you for the question.

Infection in the ear (otitis externa or media) that causes the ears to swell, bleed, and suppurate, accompanied by hardened ear wax (cerumen prop) that obstructs hearing, can indeed continue to recur if risk factors are not handled properly. As for what is meant as a risk factor here are:

Inflammation in the respiratory tract, such as due to infection, allergies, irritation, foreign body entry
The habit of prying ears or inserting any foreign object (including water) into the ear
A torn ear drum, and so on

In general, conditions like yours can be a variety of treatments, ranging from only given medication, extraction of cerumen, until surgery (if there is a torn eardrum). It's just that, as already mentioned, during the COVID-19 pandemic like this, non-emergency medical conditions should first be postponed to the doctor, so that your risk of contracting the disease will be smaller. Instead, you can first make the following efforts at home:

Take paracetamol if the ear feels painful and swollen
Do not drop anything into the ear, without doctor's advice
Do not also pry ears with any instrument
Avoid exchanging headsets with other people
much rest
Stay away from things that make your airway inflamed, for example by staying away from cold and dust, diligent bathing and washing hands, cigarettes, smoke, and so on

However, if after undergoing the tips above your complaint just gets worse, do not hesitate to consult yourself directly to the doctor or ENT doctor in order to find the best solution huh ..

I hope this helps.

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