Illustration of Semen?
Illustration: Semen?

, I want to ask, why does my semen boil like a small rope? Is there normal or not?

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Hi Johnjuju,

Semen or semen comes in various shapes and textures. There are liquid, thick, jelly-like consistency, even lumpy.

In general, the characteristics of the cement liquid:

Whitish, gray or slightly yellowish in color
It smells like cleaning fluid
liquid consistency until thick and in the form of jelly
a little sweet

This cement fluid can change under the following conditions:

hormonal disorders
certain diets
physical activity

Your semen appears to be within normal limits. However, if you are still in doubt and worried, please check with your doctor or directly to an andrology clinic, to confirm this condition.

Our advice, to get healthy semen and sperm:

Just drink water every day
Eat healthy food, multiply delicious and fresh fruit, and seeds
Make sure your food contains high protein from meat, fish, eggs and non-fat milk
Diligent exercise
Quit smoking
Avoid stress
Keep the testus temperature, avoid the laptop alive and hot in your lap, or take a hot bath, sauna too often.

Thus, hope it can help you

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