Sense Of Wanting To Bak Every Night ..

Illustration of Sense Of Wanting To Bak Every Night ..
Illustration: Sense Of Wanting To Bak Every Night ..

In the afternoon, doc .. I want to ask, I’m a man aged 34 years ago. I used to use ejaculation medication which was smeared … like tissue and oil … I put it on the head of my genitals, and about the urinary hole … relation or not. now I experience a sense of wanting to continue like every mlm. with this situation … Want a doctor..situation is still prone to corona … What is the cure doc ?? Thank you …

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 Thank you for using the consulting service
 We understand the inconvenience of your complaint
 Frequent urination can be a sign of a serious illness, including:

Overactive bladder / bladder that is too active
Urinary tract infection
Urinary stones / kidney stones
Nerve disorders of the muscles / bladder area, stroke or multiple sclerosis
Prostate enlargement
Diverticulitis / inflammation of the large intestine
Psychological disorders such as anxiety, anxiety, fear

If you get erythrocyte 1+ urine test results, there are red blood cells (hematuria) in the urine. These conditions can be caused by infections, disorders of the bladder such as inflammation, nerve damage to the bladder, or can also be caused by prostate enlargement. The presence of erythrocytes needs to be further known whether there is microscopic hematuria (can only be seen with certain examinations) or macroscopic (can be seen directly).

Urine examination is a fairly easy examination to find out whether there is interference with the urinary tract. In addition, further tests such as ultrasound, nerve examination, and urodynamic tests may be needed to determine the cause of further abnormalities.

All you can do is train your bladder to adjust the frequency of urination by keeping the distance between the urinary tract. This condition aims to train the bladder to keep urine longer before being expelled.
 In addition you can train your bladder muscles with Kegel exercises, do a healthy lifestyle, and exercise regularly.
 Other treatments depend on the cause found. Do not hesitate to do an examination with a urology specialist to get more complete information and appropriate treatment. If it is felt that your complaint is sufficient to interfere with daily activities, the symptoms are getting worse or complaints of pain should be checked by your condition immediately.
 Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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