Sensitive Skin Medicine

Illustration of Sensitive Skin Medicine
Illustration: Sensitive Skin Medicine

Hello doc, I want to ask about my facial skin problems that are red on the cheeks and nose and then dry and peeling. I have been diligently wearing a natural mask like an avocado but it doesn’t disappear and sometimes my facial skin itches. How is the solution huh doc. Thank you 🙏

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Hello Dinda, thank you for asking at

Your complaint can be caused by overly sensitive skin or an allergic reaction. Sensitive skin can be caused by various conditions such as skin disorders, allergies, frequent changes in cosmetic products, exposure to sunlight, side effects of certain drugs, to stress and anxiety.

To find out the exact cause of course you have to do a direct examination to the dermatologist. With this examination you can also find out your skin type so that the choice of cosmetics will be adjusted.

For now, some things you can do include:

Drink a lot of water
Consumption of fruits and vegetables
Enough rest
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol
Avoid using cosmetics that trigger complaints to appear
Keep your face clean
Use the appropriate moisturizer
Don't wash your face too often
Limit sun exposure and use sunscreen

Articles about sensitive skin.

That's all, hope it helps.

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