Sensitive Skin With Spicy Food?

Illustration of Sensitive Skin With Spicy Food?
Illustration: Sensitive Skin With Spicy Food?

… why now my skin is sensitive … for example when washing clothes using my hands, my hands become hot and feet too … and when my fingers are exposed to spicy food … my fingers will become hot … my eyes. My eyes immediately became hot. What is this caused by? Before, I very rarely experienced this heat. And all this is becoming more sensitive. What drugs can I buy at the pharmacy? Because I am very disturbed … I now have to eat with a spoon / fork. Because trauma if you use your hands will feel hot. Thank you

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Good morning, thank you for asking on Before proceeding, getting chili powder in the eye is natural if it causes pain, and this is not a disorder for anyone. This is because there is indeed an irritating content found in chili. Furthermore, even spicy itself is not a taste. There is no specific structure on the tongue that is useful in interpreting the spicy taste. The sensation of spicy arises because the lining on the tongue is damaged when exposed to chili, so again it is natural that later you feel sore in the eyes when exposed to chili powder.

Neither is the case with hands that feel hot when handling chili or chilli sauce. The more spicy the food, naturally when it feels hotter. However, if you feel hot when washing clothes, or if you have never felt heat on your hands when holding a sauce, there may indeed be certain conditions that you experience. Among the possibilities are irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, skin irritation, or xerosis.

The way to handle it is by avoiding everything that causes pain or heat that arises. You can use plastic gloves when you want to do the dishes, do the laundry or touch the chilli sauce. Then compress cold areas of the hands that feel hot, and regularly use a moisturizer. If it doesn't work or the symptoms still persist, have your condition checked by a dermatologist. With a check, the possibility of conditions can be more narrowed and the handling can be more precise. So, hopefully answering your question.

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