Sensitive Skin?

Illustration of Sensitive Skin?
Illustration: Sensitive Skin?

Hello, I have sensitive skin so I initially used a cream from a doctor and the results were just fine but as time went by I started to get bored and started to get rid of the cream of the doctor because of my dependency. And I try to use powder but it starts to emerge, but it doesn’t make much, but every time I use powder, I want it to be baby powder or powder for teens usually, I’m confused between having to be facilized or buying cream again because I told the consul, but the doctor said disacially suggested I was afraid because after searching there were negative impacts. And if for example I use another brand, what should I do? I have never wanted to be addicted to a doctor’s cream. Thank you

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Hi Rina,

Does bruntus skin then improve after stopping using powder? Bruntus skin can be caused due to clogged pores (can be by dead skin cells or also because of cosmetics which then if infected can become acne), blackheads, milia, and keratosis pilaris. If you are advised for facial / extraction measures, the possibility of bruntusan is blackheads. But to make sure it still needs to be done firsthand inspection yes.

For now you can try the following tips:

Clean your face in the morning and evening before going to bed
Make sure no makeup is left on the face before going to sleep
Use all cosmetics that are labeled non-comedogenic and if necessary hypoallergenic
Use home peeling salycilic acid or facial scrubs (if there are no pimples and when it isn't smooth)
Do not squeeze the brunt
Avoid sun exposure
Don't rub your face too hard
Avoid touching your face before washing your hands
Get enough rest and avoid stress

If you feel stubbornness still appears even though you have used hypoallergenic cosmetics, you can avoid using facial cosmetics such as powder or foundation and you can still use cosmetic eyes or lips. You can consult further with a dermatologist if bruntusan does not improve soon. Doctors can give you more optimal treatment.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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