Severe Abdominal Pain When Tired After Appendicitis Surgery?

Illustration of Severe Abdominal Pain When Tired After Appendicitis Surgery?
Illustration: Severe Abdominal Pain When Tired After Appendicitis Surgery? Bing

Hello, 6 years ago I had an appendectomy. And after that, if I’m tired or not drinking enough or farting, my lower right and left stomach hurts. Sometimes I have a hard time walking because of that. What do you think of the doctor? And how to solve it, yes. Because I had 2 x ultrasound and 1 x x-ray the result was nothing but I still feel the pain. thank you

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Hello Hela,

Abdominal surgery is a major operation and usually takes about 4 weeks to heal, and several months before you can return to your normal activities. However, in some people the pain lasts longer. This pain is called chronic post surgical pain or chronic postoperative pain.

The cause of chronic postoperative pain isn't fully understood, and that doesn't mean there was anything wrong with your previous surgery. Postoperative chronic pain can occur in 5-50% of patients or more, depending on the operation. The operations that cause the most chronic postoperative pain include amputation and mastectomy (breast removal).

The stomach consists of many layers, ranging from skin, fat, muscle, fascia, peritoneum to the intestines. During surgery, these layers are cut one by one and sewn back together according to the part, and the healing time varies. As it heals, scarring/scarring may develop, causing tugging that can cause pain. The intensity of pain varies from person to person.

It should also be noted that in the stomach there are many organs that can cause pain if there is a disturbance. In addition to the intestines, there are reproductive organs (womb, fallopian tubes, ovaries), urinary tract (ureters), bladder, kidneys, spleen and so on. So, to find out the cause needs to be examined in more detail.

Because while the results are good, then you don't have to worry. But you can ask for a second opinion from another doctor if your symptoms do not subside or you feel unsure and there are other symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, difficulty in defecating even though you have met your fiber and fluid needs and eat a healthy balanced diet, or there are other complaints. .

I hope it's useful,

dr. Mega

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