Severe Headache After Fainting?

Illustration of Severe Headache After Fainting?
Illustration: Severe Headache After Fainting? Bing

I slipped 1 week yesterday in the school toilet my head hit the wall, I fainted after I realized I didn’t feel anything ” 2 days later my head hurt badly with dizziness it was approaching day 5 and today I vomited until I fainted my head how sick is that

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Hi Nova,

The condition of fainting (loss of consciousness/unconsciousness) is a condition that must be watched out for in people with head injuries. In addition, complaints of severe headache accompanied by nausea and vomiting are also conditions that indicate a serious condition if it occurs after a head injury, so you should immediately consult a doctor or an emergency room for further treatment.

Your doctor will ask for a history of your complaints, perform a physical examination and recommend a scan such as a CT-Scan or MRI to confirm any disturbances in your head/brain that can occur due to head trauma.

Do the examination if it is recommended by your doctor so that the doctor can determine the steps according to your condition and needs. If the doctor suspects a disorder in your head or brain, the doctor can recommend an inpatient procedure to evaluate and treat the condition.

Here's an article related to your question:
Be aware of the fatal risk of head trauma

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