Severe Headache To The Back Of The Neck Accompanied By Fever?

Illustration of Severe Headache To The Back Of The Neck Accompanied By Fever?
Illustration: Severe Headache To The Back Of The Neck Accompanied By Fever? Bing

Evening,rnWant to consul, it’s been 3 days I have a headache to the back of my neck, my back also hurts, nausea too, and a fever in my head that makes my eyes red and hot, my knees hurt so much, my tongue is white and bitter, tension this morning it was 90/60, yesterday the blood pressure was 130/90, it kept going limp. Thank you, may it be answered. Greetings

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Hi Miranda,

If you have a headache accompanied by a fever, there is a possibility that the headache is a common symptom of an infectious disease. The presence of fever itself can be a sign of infection in the body, either due to viruses, bacteria or parasites. The increase in body temperature that occurs is actually the body's mechanism to fight microorganisms that cause infection.

Infections in the body often cause various symptoms. In addition to fever and headache, other accompanying symptoms of infection that often arise include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, cough, feeling weak, or muscle and joint pain as you have experienced.

There are various possible causes for your complaints, including:

Various types of bacterial and viral infections (gastroenteritis, typhus, hepatitis, dysentery, sore throat, respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections) Infections due to mosquito bites (dengue fever, chikungunya, malaria) Arthritis (joint inflammation) Malignancy
Considering that the complaint has been going on for more than 3 days, you should consult a doctor so that it can be examined further to trace the cause. The doctor will perform a physical examination and recommend supporting tests if deemed necessary (such as blood laboratory tests) for further analysis. From the results of this examination, the doctor will be able to find out the underlying cause and determine the right treatment for you.

Suggestions that you can do in the meantime:

If a fever or headache is bothersome, you can take fever-reducing drugs and pain relievers such as paracetamol. Increase the consumption of water. Eat regularly, don't eat late because it can trigger headaches. Eat and drink slowly to prevent nausea. Get enough rest and eat nutritious foods maintain endurance Minimize stress
Related information can be read on the following pages:

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So hopefully useful,

dr. Muliani Sukiman

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