Severe Pain In The Lower Right Abdomen Before And During Menstruation?

Illustration of Severe Pain In The Lower Right Abdomen Before And During Menstruation?
Illustration: Severe Pain In The Lower Right Abdomen Before And During Menstruation?

,, the last 9 months why every menstruation right lower abdomen always sick and because it feels itchy body heat and cold even worse the pain when menstruation for moving and coughing I was in pain … even though I had never menstruated before menstruation like this. .haid also makes my headache dizzy … I have a cesarean section too, but when I go to the doctor, my uterus isn’t problematic, maybe the symptoms of appendicitis … but why do you want to menstruate and just after the period the doctor hurts? my stomach is normal..please answer doctor ..

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There are several conditions that cause right abdominal pain, one of them is menstrual pain and many other conditions. If you experience abdominal pain during menstruation or what is called dysmenorrhoea is a reasonable condition that can occur when you experience menstruation, it is caused by muscle cramps that occur due to contractions of the uterine muscles that press against the surrounding blood vessels during the process of decaying an unfertilized egg and out into menstrual blood. Pain that appears often occurs in the lower abdomen. Pain response can cause the body's response to heat and cold due to the response to pain. If you have never experienced pain as you are currently experiencing, you may experience abdominal pain in the right abdomen due to other conditions that may include:

appendicitis, which is an infection of the intestine, appendix
Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that form in ovarian organs
myoma is the mass formed in the uterus
pelvic inflammation
urinary tract infection
urinary tract stones

To ascertain the cause of the condition you are experiencing, you need further examination to a specialist in internal medicine or to a gynecologist, to be able to do direct examination and supporting examinations that are needed such as blood tests or abdominal ultrasound. Here are the things you need to pay attention to:

to reduce the pain you can feel by taking pain medication such as paracetamol
drink plenty of water for at least 2 L per day
help reduce pain with warm compresses
avoid foods that are too spicy or sour
multiply eating vegetables and fruit so that digestion is smooth
keep the femininity clean
replace the pads every 3-4 hours or if they are full they are replaced immediately

Here are articles that you can read about menstrual pain, severe menstrual pain, right abdominal pain, appendicitis, cysts, myoma

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