Sewing Thread After Operation?

Illustration of Sewing Thread After Operation?
Illustration: Sewing Thread After Operation?

Good afternoon! If after removing the bandage after surgery on the lower abdomen there are stitch marks and it turns out that the sewing thread is still there, what’s the solution? Is there no impact on health?

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Hello good morning Pinterbang.

Beforehand, it is necessary to know in advance what type of operation is carried out? Is it a small operation / surgery where the surgical incision is only above the skin and uses an outer sewing thread, or is it a major operation where the incision is deeper and uses inner suture threads? Then how long has the operation been done?

Sewing thread for surgery is divided into two general types, namely outer sewing thread (cutis sewing thread) and inner sewing thread (sub-cutis sewing thread). The outer suture thread will appear on the skin after the procedure / operation, and requires removal of the thread if the surgical wound has improved / is dry. If this type of thread is left alone for a long time without being removed / removed, it can cause an infection in the skin of the area of ​​the operation wound. However, often these types of sutures come off on their own when the surgical wound dries up, so no removal is required. The inner thread is absorbable by the body, or the layman often calls it the thread that will become "flesh", so there is no need for this type of lifting action. In larger operations, where the incision is made deeper, two types of suture are generally required, namely with an inner thread, then with an outer thread to cover the surgical wound. Whereas in minor surgeries, surgical incisions are generally only limited to the top of the skin and only use external sewing threads.

We cannot say for sure what condition you are experiencing without us seeing and directly checking the area of ​​the surgical wound. And thus we cannot say for sure whether there is any impact on your health. Therefore, we suggest that you check your condition with the nearest doctor or the doctor who previously treated you, to ensure your condition.

If after the examination it is stated that the threads you saw are deep threads and you do not experience symptoms of infection such as purulent wounds in the area of ​​the operation, redness of the surgery scar, pain, swelling, and fever, then your condition is not dangerous and can be left alone without having to remove the thread. However, if the examination shows that the thread is external, and the condition of your surgical wound has dried up and is healing, usually the suture will be removed so that it does not become infected.

I hope this helps.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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