Sex During Menstruation

Hollow doctor; dealing with a partner during menstruation, but the sperm comes out, does it cause pregnancy … ??

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The concept of pregnancy begins with the meeting of the egg with sperm cells. From these meetings if fertilization occurs, and the results of fertilization can grow and survive, then that is called pregnancy.

Regarding your question, if we talk about the possibility, then the possibility to get pregnant is there, although it is small. Having sex during menstruation still has the potential for pregnancy because sperm cells can still survive in a woman's uterus for several days. If within a few days your menstrual cycle stops and the egg cells come out, sperm cells can meet with eggs and pregnancy can occur.

Then regarding ejaculation outside, it seems that this can prevent pregnancy, but the fact is not ejaculation in the womb is the method of delaying pregnancy which is the least protected and most often fails. This is because although the majority of sperm come out at the time of ejaculation, there is a small portion that comes out first when penetration. Although only a small part, but pregnancy can still occur because only one sperm cell is needed to be able to fertilize an egg.

So again, when talking about the possibility, the possibility is still there, but with all these obstacles, the possibility is very small. Our advice, if pregnancy does not occur, next time use contraception such as birth control pills, birth control injections or condoms. So, hopefully answering your question.

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