Illustration of Sex?
Illustration: Sex?

Hello, I want to ask. The day after I had sex, blood came out like brown spots for two days in a small amount. On the third day the blood did not come out but instead there was a white liquid rather brown. What do you think about that? Thank you

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Hello deanism,

Thank you for asking

Exiting post-related blood spots can be caused by natural injury in the vaginal wall and surrounding tissue. It could also, these spots refer to other medical conditions, such as hormonal balance disorders, reproductive organ infections, side effects of KB, endometriosis, myomas, uterine polyps, pelvic inflammation, pregnancy spots (implantation spots), even malignancies (cancer). The brownish white mucus that you experience can then be a part of normal vaginal discharge, it can also appear due to infection, irritation, or malignancy in the reproductive organs.

If complaints like this only occur occasionally, not accompanied by pain, tenderness, itching, unpleasant odor in the vagina, or other severe complaints, often these complaints are not dangerous. You can prevent recurring complaints by:

Live a healthy lifestyle, such as sleeping more regularly, eating a variety of balanced nutritious foods, don't stress, exercise regularly, stay away from cigarettes, and maintain ideal body weight
Keep your sex organs clean, including by avoiding risky sexual behavior
Do not carelessly take medicine or supplements to facilitate menstruation or fertility
Do not always have excessive sex if there are still a lot of spots from the vagina

However, if complaints continue to recur, or other complaints appear more severe as described above, do not hesitate to check yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician so that it is handled correctly.

I hope this helps.

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