Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Illustration of Sexually Transmitted Diseases?
Illustration: Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

I want to ask my age is young, but around my vagina there are white sores like being bitten by a tomcat, it doesn’t itch but a little pain, what is the cause? And how to fix it. Please help

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Sores in the area of ​​the sex organs can be caused by =

Viral infection = herpes simplex, herpes zoster.
Genital warts.
Bug or tick bites.

In order to better understand your complaint, you need to be examined carefully by a doctor. Skin disorders can be assessed by a doctor through direct physical tests and additional medical tests if needed such as blood tests, skin analysis or skin swabs.

With a physical test, the doctor can recognize the type of skin disorder you are experiencing and can provide a source of therapy according to your condition.

Avoid scratching or breaking your elastic, cold compresses if you feel pain or taking pain relievers, use underwear made of halu so as not to irritate the skin and keep your intimate organs clean.

I hope this helps.

dr. Yusi

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