Shaded Vision After Crying When Using Contact Lenses?

Illustration of Shaded Vision After Crying When Using Contact Lenses?
Illustration: Shaded Vision After Crying When Using Contact Lenses?

yesterday I cried all day and still use soflens and until now my vision is still shaded using soflens also shaded my eyes both minus 1 and cylinder 1/2 I used soflens which were minus 1 every day before there was no problem but after crying yesterday I immediately shaded my eyes until now why? And what is the solution?

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Hello Zenetta.

Using contact lenses is important for maintaining hygiene. From the situation that you experience, after crying and now the eyes look shaded it might be caused by eye irritation.

Eye irritation often occurs when using contact lenses, other than that when you cry you may scratch or rub the eye which can cause irritation to the eye. mild irritation to the eye is generally not dangerous, irritation to the eye can cause symptoms such as pain in the eye, pain, and vision may occur such as shading. But usually it can disappear within 2-3 days.

But besides that, the situation that you experience can also be caused by other causes such as:

keratitis / inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye corneal ulcer fungal infection of the eye Mild irritation of the eye in some cases can improve by itself. It is important not to scratch the eyes, and avoid while looking at the computer screen / mobile phone for too long. For a while you can use eye drops for mild irritation, which are sold freely at pharmacies. Temporarily use glasses first.

If your situation does not improve within 2 days, you should check directly to the doctor, so the doctor can check your condition directly first, and the doctor can provide the right therapy for you.

The following article you can read about the dangers of contact lenses

may be useful. thank you

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