Shiny Ears In People With Chickenpox?

Illustration of Shiny Ears In People With Chickenpox?
Illustration: Shiny Ears In People With Chickenpox?

Good afternoon, I want to ask again, I got chickenpox, but it has started to dry, my ears are bind, because I once tried to use cotton bud to my ears, suddenly, suddenly, yesterday, I tried again, my ear, it turned out, there were smallpox bumps that were already dry, and already dislodged, but already removed. but it came out but my ear was still that wrong? Why is there something blocking it? r nIf the drops using vital medicine can recover or not? I want to see a doctor but I still have chickenpox and scared for a long time to heal r nThank you

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Hi Acitiar,

Thank you for asking

Rash due to chickenpox (varicella) can spread to almost the whole body, not least in the ear canal. Rash due to chickenpox in the ear canal can make the ears feel itchy, secrete clear fluid (which comes from a broken pox rash), swelling, and so on. It could be, this condition causes your ears to become bind.

In addition to the effects of chicken pox that you are suffering from, the ear ear can also occur due to several reasons:

Otitis externa (inflammation of the external ear) --- can be triggered by the habit of scraping the ears with excessive cotton buds Otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear) Accumulation of dirt in the ear Inserting animals or other foreign objects into the ear Inflammation of inflammation from the airways or throat (for example in patients with rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, or pharyngitis) Side effects of drugs, etc. Indeed, your condition that is experiencing chickenpox requires you to rest more so that healing runs more optimally. However, if it's too late to get treatment, it is feared that complaints in your ears will be even more difficult to cure. Therefore, we recommend that you continue to check yourself directly to the doctor or ENT specialist doctor so that the best treatment is given, ok?

Some of the following initial steps you should also do:

Stop the habit of prying ears, either with fingers, cotton buds, or any instrument. Keep the ears dry and the actions of animals or other foreign objects. Do not also use ear drops carelessly without doctor's advice. Increase your endurance with plenty of rest, more eat lots of fruits that are rich in vitamin C, drink enough, and eat regularly. If there are things that often make you allergic, such as cold, dust, pollen, etc., avoid exposure to these things. Don't dive in or swim.

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